Challenge #03173-H264: Error of their Ways

A Deregger empire decides to attack the Alliance and the CRC using every weapon they have at their disposal. They were determined to force the Alliance to start seeing things their way for once. They learn the hard way why that's a BAD idea. -- Lessons

War has changed. For one thing, it's a lot rarer. The field of defense has expanded itself to the point where offense is rendered next to moot. Nevertheless, there are those who insist on ignoring that fact. The Deregger's Empire of Libertaria saw the Alliance as a swollen, slow behemoth ripe and ready for plunder.

They saw them as weak because they hadn't fought any wars for centuries. The best could hope for was the scattered police of the CRC and the highly dubious Pax Humanis. The latter of the two had to have clearances in order to be used.

Clearances meant red tape. In a realm that large, red tape meant that the clearances could be tied up for a very long time. They might not even see Pax Humanis before all the criminals who committed the acts were long dead.

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