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Challenge #01280-C185: One Smoke-filled Afternoon in a Very Special School

Almost causing the apocalypse is an important part of growing up.

(Everyone should do it at least once) -- RecklessPrudence

Smoke was all that remained of the conflagration, and holes in the masonry were the only hint left that a giant robot had found a new means of egress.

"What have we learned, today?" said Mrs Calgary.

Three small children toed the ground as they swung back and forth in their place. "Don' touch th' red button," they chorused.

"Especially when...?" prompted Mrs Calgary.

"...'specially when we've made improvements..." they droned.

"When we make improvements, we...?"

"...we tell mister ankhelo..." came the monotone mumble.

"Good," said Mrs Calgary. "Now, you're all going to pick up the mess you made before you get play time, understood?"

"...'es missus calgary..."

"Spit spot. Hop hop. Sooner started, sooner done. Yes, Miss Cordury?"

The smallest of them had had her hand up for some time. She could have easily been an angel in pigtails, were it not for the fact that she had top marks in Devestating Machinery. "Are we allowed t' use the big lifters for the big bits?"

"Under supervision," iced Mrs Calgary. She watched the kids go about their business, and made sure she pulled the bell for Mr Ankhelo and Mr Drewsbury.

It did not do well for students to outnumber tutors in Miss Agatha Heterodyne's First School for Young Sparks.

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