Tuesday, Plague Day 1

Yesterday gave me a scratchy throat. It also gave me a nice notice from Miss Chaos' school saying that there had been CORONA EXPOSURE in her class.

This morning's RAT had a faint line in the "positive" section. Which, for those of you who are unfamiliar, means that I have the plague.

This morning has given me an even worse throat, a headache, and pains in my bones. I shall aim to get my content out anyway, but my main focus will be on taking it easy on myself.

My output may be slow today.

So now I have to ring Chaos' school, my local medics, and tell everyone I've been in contact with to self-isolate. So much for my nacent pln to get myself ingredients for the shandy.

I'm going to have to order it remote.

I feel very cold and very tired, and I am soothing my throat with tea.

Further bulletins as news warrants.