Challenge #03488-I200: Trouble From the Little Things

A broken-hearted child who was severely scolded and reprimanded all because they were trying to be kind, now hesitates to help even when asked. Constantly terrified they are going to be shouted at for doing even the smallest thing for anyone. They've taken to isolating themselves, afraid of being around others, and in need of a lot of therapy. -- Anon Guest

[AN: If you actually read that story, there's not a lot of yelling. Frustration on the side of the Security people, but not a lot of actual yelling. The kid in question was willfully ignorant and thought they could get away with doing illegal things]

Old enough to know better. It was true. Wyn Techie had been educated in Havenworlder Safety Steps since ze was old enough to understand them. Yet ze had thought that ze was doing something kind.

It was the opposite of kind.

Da had said ze was smart enough to find trouble and silly enough to get into it and honestly? That was accurate. So now ze was in Early Medik Training, learning how to do everything properly. Including how to don and fit a Medik's livesuit, and then undergo the thorough cleaning process to get all of hir Deathworlder germs off it.

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