Family Tech Support

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Tuesday, Tech Support Excursion

Patreon and all my other offerings will be LATE today. Because the instant I finish my morning routine, I'm offski to MeMum's for extended tech support and budget wrangling.

It's going to be interesting times, as Mum has just broken something else in her new TV.

And to top it all off, I have a cyclone headache this morning. Huzzah.

Of course I've taken my painkillers. I can drive with one of these bastard heads and have done so before. With good luck, the painkillers will actually work this time and I'll be fine.

Time to wander off.

Thursday, Expedition and STUFF

Mum's having technical issues with her birthday present so THIS nerd is going cross-country to unmuckle whatever mess she's found herself tangled in.


I have my darling dearest for one more night before Convoluted Shenanigans that include her holiday overseas with Adorable. And me moving the booze from the tiny fridge so that I have room for Crimbo Food(tm)

So my offerings may be later than expected. As long as I get one per diem out, all is well.


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Thursday, Tech Support Run

MeMum needs a few things, which always includes shopping and tech support. So a large portion of today shall be spend going hither, thither, and yon.

Expect my offerings in the evening.

My findings from the yoghurt flatbread experiment:

  1. One household's version of "medium heat" is different to another's. Tread carefully. [In my case, each bread took fucking ages to cook and turned out medium brown instead of lightly scorched]
  2. It is far easier to transfer rolled out flatbreads to your pan
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Monday, Tech Support and Leyland's Tour

I am taking my meds and then I am off to the other side of Brisbane to help MeMum out with assorted stuff. Also, since it's two days pre-birthmas, I'm likely getting a prezzie too.

So my usual offerings will be either erratic or delayed.

Especially since I think I'm picking up Beloved this afternoon.


It's going to be a busy time and I have not given a single thought towards what I'm doing for All Hallows Read this year.


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Tuesday, Tech Support Before Patreon

The spending spree has commenced. I have a copy of The Adventure Zone: 11th Hour heading my way from Mssrs Barnes and Noble. I have myself a copy of Dwarf Fortress to mess around in and perhaps build up a resilience against failure. I have yet to buy myself a spare copy of Kosh.

Why Kosh?

Well. The cats knocked him off his perch and his horns fell off. So now I have a prime opportunity to make him anew. Because I

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Tuesday PLNs

I'm doing a support run for MeMum today, so my PLNs are thus:

  • Coffee, soup, and meds (in progress
  • This blog (doy)
  • Nick off across the countryside
  • Help MeMum with thing at place
  • Back home and do all the offerings


I'm bringing the iPad with me for incidental inspirations and the hope that I hit literary zoomies at some point.

Chapter count: still crawling along in chapter 272

All right. I must kiss my Beloved and toddle offski.

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Thursday, Tech Support Speed Run!

I have PLNs to sort out MeMum's trouble with GoogDrive.

Which means that I do my stream, do the publish, and then haul arse to the other side of the big smoke to see what the fuck is up with GoogDrive on Mum's ancient lappy.

Since it's also raining, I will be taking the ultimate care on the roads. There's a lot of idiots out there still driving like it's dry. And also driving like everyone else out there offends them personally.

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Tuesday, Tech Support and Patreon

Today, I shall be helping MeMum smooth out some of her life's little problems. Fingers crossed it won't take too long, but there's always something. So I have Mayhem on call for the afternoon. Hopefully.

I might have to rack off at midday just to be certain someone's at home if he doesn't answer his electronica.

Therefore, Patreon content will be delayed, and I will aim to get five more chapters summarised at some point this afternoon. Anything else is pure gravy.

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Thursday, Plague Day 24, Tech Support

Finally and at last, I am venturing out to the other side of Brisbane to help MeMum navigate the terrifying labyrinths of internet-based support systems.

I'll begin with the essential navigation skills and branch out from there.

And assist in setting up anything that needeth setting up, and so on. Fun times. I will need my chug jug for sure.

The puffer continues to work and the shaking seems to be less now that I'm off the Twitchy Pills. It's still there,

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Saturday, Day 1, Tech Support Shenanigans

Plague news: No new cases! There's five total active cases, and all of them are in hospital. Australia's at 92% first vax, 86% fully vaxxed. Queensland's second-last in getting the jabs at 85.8% first vax, 75% fully vaxxed.

Beloved has an eye appointment today, so I'm on my only for fixing the heck out of whatever's gone wrong on MeMum's compy today. Fun.

If I write anything at all besides my Instant today, I count it as a miracle. My left

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Firkin Telstra...

I swear to the Powers That Be [pick your favourite] that tech support would be so much easier with people who understood what the fuck was going on.

I tried to get help from the alleged pros at Telstra. Several times. Concerning both getting MeMum's new compy online and accessing her Bigpond/email account.

I actually got assistance from Beloved about the former.

And as for the latter...

Cue the Benny Hill music.

Five calls. Two texts. One attempt by MeMum to

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