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Saturday, Day 1, Tech Support Shenanigans

Plague news: No new cases! There's five total active cases, and all of them are in hospital. Australia's at 92% first vax, 86% fully vaxxed. Queensland's second-last in getting the jabs at 85.8% first vax, 75% fully vaxxed.

Beloved has an eye appointment today, so I'm on my only for fixing the heck out of whatever's gone wrong on MeMum's compy today. Fun.

If I write anything at all besides my Instant today, I count it as a miracle. My left wrist needs a rest anyway.

In the news:

  • The new strain I mentioned yesterday is now named Omicron. THANK THE POWERS nobody went with the country of origin
  • Major recall of kiddies' chocolate
  • Dam near Sydney bursts
  • Woman sues cricket star for unsolicited sexting
  • Subway might fail now that one of the founders died
  • Man dumps sex doll for younger, newer sex doll. No, really

I post, I check the roads, I call MeMum, and I am offski. I hope.

Firkin Telstra...

I swear to the Powers That Be [pick your favourite] that tech support would be so much easier with people who understood what the fuck was going on.

I tried to get help from the alleged pros at Telstra. Several times. Concerning both getting MeMum's new compy online and accessing her Bigpond/email account.

I actually got assistance from Beloved about the former.

And as for the latter...

Cue the Benny Hill music.

Five calls. Two texts. One attempt by MeMum to

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