Thursday, Tech Support Run

MeMum needs a few things, which always includes shopping and tech support. So a large portion of today shall be spend going hither, thither, and yon.

Expect my offerings in the evening.

My findings from the yoghurt flatbread experiment:

  1. One household's version of "medium heat" is different to another's. Tread carefully. [In my case, each bread took fucking ages to cook and turned out medium brown instead of lightly scorched]
  2. It is far easier to transfer rolled out flatbreads to your pan with your bare (oiled) hands. Keep the bread between you and the pan and you'll be fine.
  3. Wafer thin is idea. Paper thin is too far.
  4. You WILL need to re-oil your rolling surface, your rolling pin and your hands. More often than you think.
  5. I made the mistake of thinking a crepe pan would be perfect for this experiment. I WAS WRONG. A pan with nice sides is your best friend.
  6. You learn the signs of a "nearly done" bread on the first side real quick. Put a fresh one in the pan to time the other side.
  7. Paranoia serves you well for the last one.
  8. They really, REALLY mean it about pre-heating the pan.

I may be sharing these results with Tumblr. Alongside this little fact:

If you are going to do this as an experiment, look for a SINGLE SERVING of full-fat Greek yoghurt.

The smallest tub I could find was 930 grams. Which yielded nearly TWO FUCKING KILOS of dough. And hours off my life.

If I'm ever doing this again, I shall be mixing that dough in a machine. I nearly perished from kneading that stuff by hand.

If there's any left, this morning, I shall be taking a sample to MeMum for her to try. Yes, it's delicious, but it's also more work than first impressions imply.

In other news: Yesterday, I fucked up by getting my chapter procedure out of order. Again. Which means that I may have two chapters and very sore wrists by end of day. Huzzah.

Onwards to the mad scramble.