Tuesday, Tech Support Before Patreon

The spending spree has commenced. I have a copy of The Adventure Zone: 11th Hour heading my way from Mssrs Barnes and Noble. I have myself a copy of Dwarf Fortress to mess around in and perhaps build up a resilience against failure. I have yet to buy myself a spare copy of Kosh.

Why Kosh?

Well. The cats knocked him off his perch and his horns fell off. So now I have a prime opportunity to make him anew. Because I love him.

Stay tuned for that one.

As soon as I publish this thing here, I am off to the wilds of Logan to help unfuck MeMum's technology. I might have to demonstrate how using Google doesn't change things. She's got it into her head that a search engine is preventing her opening online documents or using her printer.

That's not how they work.

I don't know what's causing the fuss, but it's not a search engine.

I'll also be showing her which buttons are the on and volume switches on her phones.

Bit by bit, lesson by lesson, we are compiling her little book that tells her how to breathe.

Patreon posts and offerings when I get back to my humble home. It will probably be a while.