Challenge #03795-J142: Curses, Fooled Again

A transport arrives with a large number of young teens, and some as young as 10. Almost no adults to be found. Why? The colony's new CEO decided to give the KIDS the right to get vaccinations and other care if they wished, but it was a trap, for those that desired so were shoved into a transport and kicked off the planet. The adults turning their backs because the kids decided to think for themselves. -- Anon Guest

It was a transit bot marked as bearing live cargo. For that reason, the tugs pulled it into the drydock. Because it was from a Deregger world, they had ERT's and Mediks on standby.

They were right to do so.

Inside the hold were rows of bunks and a small handful of chemical toilets. There was a water system, but stale air. There was also a tight huddle of four hundred and eighty-three kids aged between eight and nineteen. Judging by the way the bigger and stronger ones had formed a living net by clinging to the bunks and each other, they fully expected the vacuum of space.

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