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Challenge #03857-J205: Taken For Granted

They never notice when we come to their world. Our bodies and faces are so nondescript as to be completely... forgettable. These nanomachines we carry, slowly going into their human resources, curing diseases, treating injuries, ensuring health despite the lack of infrastructure. And these healthy people rising up when they realize their CEOs are actively trying to keep them sick and weak. Breakdown of a society is sad, but the rebuild is always so satisfying. -- Anon Guest

Something horrible is happening to innocent people. Something must be done about it. When a Deregger world is about to implode, it seems like the leaders have a very specific agenda: to run the survivors into such a state of ill health that their recovery steals as much resources as possible from the Alliance during the reclamation.

Such a pity that they never learned that the Alliance is a post-scarcity society.

Unfortunately for the CRC - the Cogniscent Rights Committee - there's no scarcity of Deregger worlds that are on the implosion spiral. Fortunately for the victims, there's agents like us. Bland-ins.

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Challenge #03795-J142: Curses, Fooled Again

A transport arrives with a large number of young teens, and some as young as 10. Almost no adults to be found. Why? The colony's new CEO decided to give the KIDS the right to get vaccinations and other care if they wished, but it was a trap, for those that desired so were shoved into a transport and kicked off the planet. The adults turning their backs because the kids decided to think for themselves. -- Anon Guest

It was a

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Challenge #03620-I332: For Every Action

A Deregger slips a bunch of theobromine into batches of "Havenworlder safe chocolate", tainting them, in rage and jealousy that the person making so much TIME on such an invention is part of the Alliance and refuses to join the Deregger polity. They are caught before it can do much harm, and will NOT like the consequences!

Anon - I thought you might like the link to the story your prompt looks to be from. --

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Challenge #03493-I205: Covert Operations

The CRC rewards handsomely for those that rescue Dereggers from their polities, but what of those who do not wish to leave their home planets because they are trying to help, from the inside, make things better? Does the CRC reward if they are kidnapped and taken as a "rescue" against their will, or are they allowed to go home to continue their work? -- The New Guy

Consent is essential when rescuing Dereggers. Forcing people to go where they do not

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Challenge #03040-H117: Accepted Market Price

If you can't blow them away with your brilliance, baffle them with your bullshit. -- Anon Guest

"Two thousand gold per square quarter-inch of ear... five hundred per digit of phalanges... three hundred for the tarsals and metatarsals..." The person running the tally was not a necromancer. They were not a crime lord. They were an "acquisitions agent" for the Dark Market. Not the Black Market, the Dark Market. It's much, much worse.

"Oh don't worry about me," Wraithvine muttered to hirself,

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