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Challenge #03493-I205: Covert Operations

The CRC rewards handsomely for those that rescue Dereggers from their polities, but what of those who do not wish to leave their home planets because they are trying to help, from the inside, make things better? Does the CRC reward if they are kidnapped and taken as a "rescue" against their will, or are they allowed to go home to continue their work? -- The New Guy

Consent is essential when rescuing Dereggers. Forcing people to go where they do not want to be is what the Deregger Overlords do. We are citizens of the Alliance, and therefore ask first. It solves so many problems before it starts.

Take the case of Freedom Denni. Yeah, I know hir. I almost took hir out of hir good work that one time. Consent, my fellow cogniscents. Consent.

You might think you're doing a good thing, but not until you get a You idiot letter from the CRC. Further, those unwilling expats will move mountains to flee back to their beloved home and the flakking Dereggers just never shut up about it.

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