Challenge #03620-I332: For Every Action

A Deregger slips a bunch of theobromine into batches of "Havenworlder safe chocolate", tainting them, in rage and jealousy that the person making so much TIME on such an invention is part of the Alliance and refuses to join the Deregger polity. They are caught before it can do much harm, and will NOT like the consequences!

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[AN: Two Nonnies for the price of one!]

Several mistakes were made. The brand was not quite right in all its seemingly simple details. The return address was misspelled in a very specific way[1]. Furthermore, the scanners revealed that the contents did not match the shipping label.

The label positively blared the words "HAVENWORLDER-SAFE CHOCOLATE". To be completely accurate, it said Hayvinwhirldur sayf choklit in large, friendly letters. However, the scanners revealed lethal amounts of theobromine within.

Other shipping tags revealed its true origins. Greater Deregulation Upper North, where Aninhar Confectionary was attempting to sue Amy Guylian regarding that very chocolate. Even though Aninhar had never been able to sell chocolate to Havenworlders, they nevertheless claimed that Amy was infringing on their market share.

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