Thursday, Plague Day 24, Tech Support

Finally and at last, I am venturing out to the other side of Brisbane to help MeMum navigate the terrifying labyrinths of internet-based support systems.

I'll begin with the essential navigation skills and branch out from there.

And assist in setting up anything that needeth setting up, and so on. Fun times. I will need my chug jug for sure.

The puffer continues to work and the shaking seems to be less now that I'm off the Twitchy Pills. It's still there, all the same. Annoying, but mostly ignorable.


Beloved and I went out to a Karaoke lounge, last night. More fun than might be expected when we're both terrible singers. And forgot half the timing of most of the songs we thought we knew.

I am very perplexed by what goes on on those Karaoke screens. We have theories, but no actual information.

Anyway. 'Tis time for story and thenceforth shenanigans in meatspace. Yoiks and away.