Challenge #03510-I222: A Place For You as Well

A memorial goes up to the men and women that wore the Crown of Days to protect the youngster who helped them win the war. The young woman, the parents, and the duchy both honor her, and the brave ones who sacrificed their lives, dying one day at a time, to give her the strength needed in those terrible days, also thanked the last one, bent and aged before their time, for their lives. -- Anon Guest

The Duchy lives. So many others do not. It was a bad war, but it is over. Blood and bugs and shadows are all gone, now. Our days have sunshine and our nights can have dreams. Well. Potentially, our nights can have dreams. It's ended. It's over.

Thank the gods that it is over.

The Vicereine is back to playing as if nothing ever happened. Most of the time. You have to know how to look to see the impact it has made on her. There's a sadness there, and no surprise. So many gave their days to her, just so we could win.

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