Wednesday, Day 1, Wordpress

Plague news: No new cases! There's fifteen total active cases, thirteen of them are in hospital. Australia's at 90.7% first vax, 83.5% fully vaxxed. Queensland's still last in the race to get jabbed, at 82.8% first vax, 71% fully vaxxed.

We have taxes sorted, we have more than half a pln to afford Jolie's dental. Yay. Now if only I could capture a wild landscaper to deal with our yard, then all would be well.

I have managed to BULLSHIT A HEIST for my players and the one who wanted to crime will be absent for most of the sesh. So there shall be a lot of clue-gathering for four firkin hours. Sigh.

Intrigue and maybe a gift or two to the others. Actual heist next session.

I like it. This gives me even MORE time to work on the next module.

In the news:

  • Car seized in the William Tyrell case may have been used to move the body
  • Crypto crashes again
  • Heath Freeman, famous for his work on Bones, has died at 41
  • Woolies recalls snacks
  • Russia confesses to hitting a satellite with a missile
  • Murder bigot who illegally carried a gun across state lines SPECIFICALLY to shoot liberals now has his trial closing
  • Man discovers consequences 42 years after fathering a child
  • You too could get faster internet if you're rich
  • 9YO's sexting is a new normal??? In whose books??????

Story time, and then I figure out my content.