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Conflicts Erupting

The right wing has always had a solid platform in the rural areas. That's where things like inheritance laws, firearms freedom, and the importance of repopulating have important sway. It's dressed up in aggressive morality and argued with islands and whatnot, but that's more or less what it boils down to.

Rural areas have really spaced-out population and are thus less effected by the plague. They get less of the impact than the left-wing people living in cities. So the rural voting core of the right wing absorbs every single lie about the plague being blown out of proportion because it never firkin reached them. All this lockdown stuff is pure hyperbole and a left-wing plot to make the racist, sexist, ableist glorious leader look bad. Yaddah yaddah yaddah.

So of course the fiscal section of the right wing is funding a "grass roots" campaign stocked wholly by the rural section to protest the lockdowns and demand the re-opening of the USA.

This is not grass roots. This is not organically grown. This is manufactured, funded, and orchestrated by wealthy people who are tired of looking bad because people aren't out and about and shopping like normal. Nevermind that most of these people can not only ride out the apocalypse just find, but also pay their employees from their fat stash of numerical points that they don't really need.

As long as the stock market survives, apparently, life can continue.

Well it won't continue very well when folks are perishing from the plague. Yeesh.

It's like absolutely nobody holding the reigns has the ability to look down the road ahead of us.

Enough bitching about stupid decisions by rich people. Let's get on with today's tale so I can hide from everything, eat ice cream, and play Animal Crossing New Leaf [because I can't afford the new one] whilst watching shitty television and maybe coming up with something for one of my creative projects, please muse bless me with something resembling inspiration.


Stick a fork in me. I'm done with these levels of bullshit.

End of the Week Already?

It's Friday! What I have on my schedule is added to by the unfuckening of the house. I have finished editing an episode of Inter-Mission so the next thing to do for the podcast is to record more tales from the weird side.

I'll probably end up doing that during the wee small hours in the morning.

I have 1K to write so I can reach my target goal of 75K this week. If I have the chance for fun times, I'll

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So. I paid for new uniform parts for Chaos yesterday. The day to collect those are today and tomorrow. I'm fairly certain that my order won't be there today. I still have to try for it, though.

Paranoia is a wonderful thing when it teams up with Anxiety and drives this meat suit of mine.

I'm currently debating what to write for Wordpress today and it's probably going to be about "normal" and adaptivity and a middle finger in the general direction

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I took some 5-HTP before beddie byes, last night, and still woke up at around 2AM. At least I got a good start on ep 16 of Inter-Mission.

By "good start" I mean I edited one story and set up for the next one. I need sanity breaks for this nonsense.

My car should be being seen to today, which means I find out -any time between 10AM and tomorrow afternoon- exactly what went wrong and how much it's going to cost.

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Another Week Nearly Done

It's Thursday, and I am going to be busy. Cleaning day, Instant, Words, and a TAZ prompt over in my Tumblr.

I have so many of these things, I'm tempted to write up a set sig with linkages to my Ko-fi, Patreon, and this blog. The problem being that Tumblr doesn't always accept pasting links.

My exhaustion problem is more or less solved. I've been having too much fat and not enough protein, so no more pork belly for me.

However, I

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Thursday Already?

I can deal with that.

I've started taking Magnesium because I have no other explanation as to why I'm constantly out of energy.

Good news (for me) I finally got the Taako's School mysterious package and I already stalled on the first [orange feather] puzzle.

My process:

  1. Listen to all the Stone of Farspeech messages I could find [Did anyone else find Magic Brian's answerphone message inside the box?] and thus get spoiled for the ending.
  2. Realise that the SoF had letters
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Plns and Nonse

Nonse: I'm still coughing up chunks.

PLN: Go to pharmacy, get meds.

Nonse: The internet is being an arsehole to me today.

PLN: If vitally necessary, use phone data to do my job, add to novel offline.

Which, let's face it, firkin SUCKS. For me. And it firkin sucks for you because it's going to take me more effort to do less.

Tomorrow, the time window begins for the nation's premier phone company to come and inspect our phone line. In preparation

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It is way too hot

January is the hottest month of the year in Australia. No argument. Nobody will fight this. Whilst the northern hemisphere enjoys a dusting of snow, winter's chill, and global warming denials, everyone in Aus is gently roasting in one way or another.

We went to see Coco during the heat of the day. The best time to watch a movie in my opinion. Alas, Miss Chaos panicked and got upset during the third act. It's bad. Or it was bad this time

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Broken 'flow'

I get used to doing things a certain way. I get up, wee, weigh myself [89.3kilos. The first time I've been below 90 since age 20!], water the garden, rouse the kids, shower, and get on with keeping everyone in line.

Then I do my blog, Instant Story, and any other writing that I want or have to do.

But when things screw that up, it really screws up.

Yesterday, I assumed that I'd done my Instant. Why? Because yesterday was

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I have yet another theme song

You can bet money that it's from Steam Powered Giraffe, best band in the world.

Check it out:

Now that you have that song stuck in your head, it's my duty to inform you that you can still pre-order the bound-to-be-amazing albumest album to ever album, Quintessential over at Coughcoughshamelessplugcoughcough.

My family and I are off to the outer reaches to do a party for Mayhem, today. Which means I have little time to myself at all this

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I'm going to be far from home on Election Day, so Beloved is taking me to fill out my poll nice and early. I will be taking my time telling my governing body exactly where to stuff it.

At least this sort of nonse is down to once every four years. For all the good that will do. It just means one more year of stuffing around before we play the same ballet again.

I've looked up the most sensible parties and

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Business is booming!


But I did sell a pair of commission earrings to Beloved for $15. Which will be mine come next payday.

The design is so nice that it might just enter my stock. It's something to consider, certainly. Check 'em out:

[Shown here: Triple-thread earrings with pink sparkly beads and pink hearts]

Apparently, I spend more time on Miss Chaos' hair than I do making bling 9_9 But hair is more complicated, Beloved. I am not crazy for spending time and

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