Plns and Nonse

Nonse: I'm still coughing up chunks.

PLN: Go to pharmacy, get meds.

Nonse: The internet is being an arsehole to me today.

PLN: If vitally necessary, use phone data to do my job, add to novel offline.

Which, let's face it, firkin SUCKS. For me. And it firkin sucks for you because it's going to take me more effort to do less.

Tomorrow, the time window begins for the nation's premier phone company to come and inspect our phone line. In preparation for finally connecting the NBN.

A four and a half month time window.

That's right. Four and a half freaking months when there pretty much has to be someone home at all times. And they're guaranteed to pop by when I'm guaranteed to be out.

Because the Universe hates me or something, that's why.