Conflicts Erupting

The right wing has always had a solid platform in the rural areas. That's where things like inheritance laws, firearms freedom, and the importance of repopulating have important sway. It's dressed up in aggressive morality and argued with islands and whatnot, but that's more or less what it boils down to.

Rural areas have really spaced-out population and are thus less effected by the plague. They get less of the impact than the left-wing people living in cities. So the rural voting core of the right wing absorbs every single lie about the plague being blown out of proportion because it never firkin reached them. All this lockdown stuff is pure hyperbole and a left-wing plot to make the racist, sexist, ableist glorious leader look bad. Yaddah yaddah yaddah.

So of course the fiscal section of the right wing is funding a "grass roots" campaign stocked wholly by the rural section to protest the lockdowns and demand the re-opening of the USA.

This is not grass roots. This is not organically grown. This is manufactured, funded, and orchestrated by wealthy people who are tired of looking bad because people aren't out and about and shopping like normal. Nevermind that most of these people can not only ride out the apocalypse just find, but also pay their employees from their fat stash of numerical points that they don't really need.

As long as the stock market survives, apparently, life can continue.

Well it won't continue very well when folks are perishing from the plague. Yeesh.

It's like absolutely nobody holding the reigns has the ability to look down the road ahead of us.

Enough bitching about stupid decisions by rich people. Let's get on with today's tale so I can hide from everything, eat ice cream, and play Animal Crossing New Leaf [because I can't afford the new one] whilst watching shitty television and maybe coming up with something for one of my creative projects, please muse bless me with something resembling inspiration.


Stick a fork in me. I'm done with these levels of bullshit.