Challenge #02656-G099: Holding On Aliens often forget the Power we can have, when we WANT to Hang on to something. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Holy shit, that's terrifying. Offensensitivity warning for fear of heights and physical injury]

"There's only enough capacity in the lifeboat for seven. How do you plan on coming with us?"

The Ships' Human, having fought to the last enemy, just grinned. "Outside," said Human Karth. "I can hang on for long enough. Don't worry about me."

They forgot, as many Havenworlders do, that Humans were the origin of the phrase, To hang on like grim death. There was an argument about how long Human Karth's livesuit could perform its primary task versus the length of time it would take to get to the nearest help.

Human Karth had a roll of ductape and a decent handle to grab onto. They were, as they described it, "Aces."

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