So. I paid for new uniform parts for Chaos yesterday. The day to collect those are today and tomorrow. I'm fairly certain that my order won't be there today. I still have to try for it, though.

Paranoia is a wonderful thing when it teams up with Anxiety and drives this meat suit of mine.

I'm currently debating what to write for Wordpress today and it's probably going to be about "normal" and adaptivity and a middle finger in the general direction of ScoMo - aka "Scotty from Marketing". He's said a lot of horrible things and this article might do in lieu of the punch to the face or the kick to the arse I would eagerly give him if I had a chance.

I've been a tree-hugger since I was a little nugget. I've been speaking about environmental issues since the 1970's. I'm still a pro-choice equal-rights left-wing loonie. I shall likely remain so until I die.

Land rights for gay whales and all that biz.

It is time to go try and collect those uniform bits. I shall possibly be embarrassed. I'm ready for that.

Let's go.