Challenge #02569-G012: To Join the Common Cause

We have to actively fight for our lives, perhaps our very existence. Thousands of people are killed daily by these beings. So what fraction of our government tries to actively prevent us from fighting back until they can find a way to profit from it? -- Bard2DBone

When they came, they came in promises. They came with generosity. They came with shiny treasures. They especially came with more profits for those already wealthy. They came with bright lights and glittering technology and soft words. The rich left with them, and were never heard from again.

For a long time, we wanted to be selected. We wanted to be taken away. The Earth didn't need more people on it, after all. The Earth needed a break from us. Time and again, year after year, some were selected and never seen again. Yet, year after year, the situation on Earth kept getting worse.

They came with promises of more for everyone. It took us years to realise that they meant more for everyone like them. We still don't know the name of the person who managed to use their technology to show us exactly what happened to the 'selected', but they are -posthumously- a hero. Since that news got out, the whole world turned upside-down. Again. Everything changed. Again.

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