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Challenge #02780-G223: Redo From...

It started as a Company raid, aided by a hacker who crashed the system of a Rival company. It escalated, every computer system in the World crashed. Hospitals, Electricity, Money. All were lost and the only way to even get the beginning of a re-start needed electricity. -- Anon Guest

The moral, if there was one, was always add extra stop clauses in your trojan worms. Some would say it should have been, don't create trojan worms that will end the world as you know it. Regardless, ConnSafeT should never have hired hackers to end the profits of MegaGloboSecuriCorp. Having had the idea of hiring hackers to do that, they really should have looked into those hackers' records.

Now the world was ending. So had ConnSafeT and MegaGloboSecuriCorp.

The global power grid went down, and so did every system of records with it. Surges fried just about every hard drive and server in the world, and those that remained could not work without power. For twenty-four hours, those in urgent need of electricity scrambled to attain some. Power corrupts, but electricity is life. For twenty-four hours, volunteers manually pumped ventilators that kept tiny premature newborns alive. For twenty-four hours, transactions that could not go ahead electronically did not go through. Communication died between nations. Between states. Between cities. Between towns.

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Challenge #02569-G012: To Join the Common Cause

We have to actively fight for our lives, perhaps our very existence. Thousands of people are killed daily by these beings. So what fraction of our government tries to actively prevent us from fighting back until they can find a way to profit from it? -- Bard2DBone

When they came, they came in promises. They came with generosity. They came with shiny treasures. They especially came with more profits for those already wealthy. They came with bright lights and glittering technology and

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Challenge #02286-F096: An Effective Apocollapse

"Interesting Times" the four horsemen of panic. "Misinformation, Rumour, Gossip and Denial". And Boy! does this remind me of politics, common and the more toxic. -- Knitnan

This is the way the world ends, T. S. Elliot wrote, Not with a bang, but a whimper. How sad, how tragic, that it almost came true. For the Horsemen to ride, it wasn't necessary to have War, Famine, Pestilence and Death in force. No, they started much, much smaller. After all, it is from

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