Challenge #02568-G011: Stacked Competition

Wanna play yugioh? -- Anon Guest

[AN: I have no idea how to play Yugioh, and I'm moderately certain that describing said game will impinge on someone else's intellectual property... so today, the part of Yugioh will be played by a completely made-up game called Ebisnach]

Humanity loves combat. Synthesized or real. They have more or less tamed their competitive nature in the form of formalised synthetic competition. They call them all games, but the nature of Human games is always some kind of competition. No more or less so than their card games.

Humans also like to collect things. With a combination of collecting and card games, the species has come up with some truly complex systems of simulated combat involving nothing more than sets of colourful pieces of card stock. Humans insist that the best way to learn is by playing, mostly because the verbal explanations can take weeks. Only Humans can pick them up that quickly. After that, it's simply a question of how deeply they dive into the fandom maelstrom.

Human Kee was, apart from one little quirk, a fairly amenable Ships' Human. The reviews were glowing wherever ze went. There was only one red flag. It read, Do not, under any circumstances, get hir started about Ebisnach.

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