Thursday Already?

I can deal with that.

I've started taking Magnesium because I have no other explanation as to why I'm constantly out of energy.

Good news (for me) I finally got the Taako's School mysterious package and I already stalled on the first [orange feather] puzzle.

My process:

  1. Listen to all the Stone of Farspeech messages I could find [Did anyone else find Magic Brian's answerphone message inside the box?] and thus get spoiled for the ending.
  2. Realise that the SoF had letters on the "numberpad" and work out the alphabetical transposition.
  3. Get gibberish.
  4. Realise that the first words on one of the encoded sheets are literally the title of the thing.

Today, I'll be working on the Elven and Gnollish "alphabet". Once I'm done with literally everything else.

Fingers crossed, I have the energy by then.

We'll see.