Tuesday, Day 0, Patreon

Plague news: seven new cases, four local, three imports. Forty-seven active cases, thirty-eight in hospital. So a bunch of people are recovered? Maybe? I can hope.

My personal schedule is now adjusted. So now I bumbletumble about my morning nonsense, stream, and then write this thing. Streaming at 6AM is do-able, but only when I get up at 5.

I'll pay for it today, and get used to it tomorrow.

I have written some Tiefling tales and already done the Foundry tale. I have no idea how much I've written until I post over there. Fun.

In the news:

  • Tennis noise
  • Robert Downey Jnr unfollows a bunch of costars, triggers controversy
  • Goonies director Richard Donner has passed on at 91
  • NSW changes border rules with QLD
  • Treasurer says "get used to covid" so the all-hallowed commerce can continue. Capitalism. Perfectly willing to grind your bones to make some bread
  • Housing boom set to collapse. Again
  • Former MP calls out rampant sexist behaviour in the Liberal party
  • Autistic man unable to get NDIS apparently stole $350K from them
  • More exposure sites
  • Man stabbed his ex 47 times and filmed it. If he's rich, he'll get a light sentence on the Promising Young Man defense
  • Minimum wage workers quitting Maccas because of corporate buttmunchiness
  • Photo of lady soldiers in tight pants and heels sparks outrage
  • AusPost now allows people to include native place names in the address

And now... the rest of my nonsense