Challenge #03083-H175: Anything is Ammo

A: "What's that?"

H: "What's what?"

A: "That odd thing you're working on." Indicating the odd contraption attached to the human's suit that the human was carefully adding conditioning agent to the strong, stretching, straps

H: "Oh, this? That's just my wrist rocket"

A: "Wrist Rocket?"

H: "My slingshot"

A: ........................................... -- DaniAndShali

"Aw, don't look at me in that tone of voice," said Human Ess, still tinkering with the simple device. It was nothing more than a forked frame, some stretchy straps, and a sort of pocket in the middle of the aforementioned straps. "One day, you'll be glad it's there. Look, I even installed a strap wrangler in case of doorknobs." At the press of a button, something whirred and turned the loose arrangement into a neat bundle that then folded away. "Neat and clear and ready to rock and roll."

Companion Gorx continued to have his doubts. "Most enemies have defenses against simple projectiles. This is an effectively useless weapon." In retrospect, he really should not have said that. Mostly because there is nothing a Human likes better than a challenge.

To which Human Ess grinned, cackled, and said, "You'll see," in a true and certain portent of doom. At least Gorx had the presence of mind to post a ship-wide brief that the Humans would be up to some new nonsense[1]. The crew, knowing this, were appropriately on guard for the week it took for the Ship's Humans to brainstorm their shenanigans.

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