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Challenge #04155-K137: A Double-edged Blade

Some believe that swords have souls and lives of their own, and thus deserve their own names. Those who love their blades will be acknowledged by them in turn. But those who see their swords as friends or even lovers should be warned that this relationship is built on death and bloodshed. The passions of those who dance with their blade amid crimson showers must surely be cooled someday by fickle steel. -- Anon Guest

There are legends about that kind of weapon. The bloodthirsty blade. The killer gun. Weapons made to kill, and cursed to keep killing until they are broken or otherwise destroyed. Their will overtakes their wielder, and drives the one carrying the weapon to murder again and again.

Those weapons are so rare that they are nigh unattainable. The stories, on the other hand, are so commonplace that murderers attempt to use them as an excuse.

Rarer still is a weapon like me. My name is Justice, and I am a weapon who will not harm an innocent. I am a soul-eye blade. I see into the hearts and minds of my imminent victims, and weigh them against the intent of my wielder. Only if they are found wanting, do I cut.

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Challenge #03083-H175: Anything is Ammo

A: "What's that?"

H: "What's what?"

A: "That odd thing you're working on." Indicating the odd contraption attached to the human's suit that the human was carefully adding conditioning agent to the strong, stretching, straps

H: "Oh, this? That's just my wrist rocket"

A: "Wrist Rocket?"

H: "My slingshot"

A: ........................................... -- DaniAndShali

"Aw, don't look at me in that tone of voice," said Human Ess, still tinkering with the simple device. It was nothing more than a forked frame, some stretchy straps,

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Challenge #02987-H064: Unwelcome Advancements

[H] "Hold still, we're going to try this again."

[galactic volunteer] "It won't knock me out like last time?"

[H] "Nope, bugs are worked out, we tested on other humans first for a reason after all, that knock-out was accidental, sorry about that."

[galactic volunteer] "Alright, I'm ready."

The human throws the small metal disk which adheres to the galactic and, suddenly, they can't move. They can breathe, see, hear, they are not being hurt, but they can't, otherwise, move.

[galactic] "Well.

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Challenge #02951-H028: This is a Knife

The man who sleep with a machete is a fool every night but one -- Anon Guest

Weapons in bed are generally a bad idea. Especially sharp, bladed weapons. Sleep is an activity where the body is moving about without complete conscious control. Many an alleged "tough guy" has fallen victim to the weapon under their pillow. Therefore Human Gar was no fool. Their sleep pod had a holster for ease of access. At camp, the blade was under the bedroll for

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Challenge #02889-G332: Not Approved Progress

Now we are all sons of bitches - Kenneth Bainbridge, after testing the first nuclear bomb -- Anon Guest

[AN: I've been made aware of the Shiva quote, but that happened after the detonation in war as far as I recall]

Destruction. Devastation. Brutal elimination of the enemy, their buildings, their society. That has always been the ultimate goal of war. Winning, however, has gone further than razing the enemy castle and salting the ground so that they can no longer prosper.

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Challenge #02449-F259: Weapons of Mass Amusement

it was all fun and games until humans found medieval style energy weapons -- Anon Guest

"So this is like an electric ballista?" had never before been words of impending doom, but these were Humans who were doing the talking. "The spearpoint is a trigger for a giant capacitor, right? Delivering a blast of excess electrons to the target."

"Er. Yes," said Museum Director Gorx, who was starting to believe this tour had been a mistake[1]. "The use of this weapons

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Challenge #02199-F009: Much Mightier

"The pen is mightier than the Sword."

--insert knife in the Shape of a writing-Feather here-- -- Anon Guest

[AN: The word combo you were looking for is "writing quill" btw]

It was a beautiful blade. Someone had made it look like the wing-feather of a goose, only three times the size. Every detail was there. The rachis, the vanes, even the fine detail of the interlocking barbs. Whoever forged it had even made the crossguard look like a cluster of long,

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Challenge #01785-D323: The Worst of the Worst

aliens learn about the dangers of human psychopaths and other mentally ill humans -- Anon Guest

[AN: Nonny, the mentally ill are way more likely to be victims of the psychopaths. See: mental hospitals vs the GOP]

Humans are apex predators. Most humans are willing to forget this. A rare few... aren't. A rarer few actively pursue that particular role.

Little can be done for them, save for steering them into roles where predation and exploitation are valued, such as war zones

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Challenge #01609-D148: We're So Much Better Now

There are pieces of Historical Machinery, there are Collections of Musical instruments and some lucky souls get to care for them, keep them running and in the case of stringed instruments take them out and play them so they sound right. -- Anon Guest

They say the Archivaas collect everything and never throw anything away. This is very close to the truth. Most Archivaas know the impossibility of saving a physical version of everything and keep digital plans, instructions, or copies. The

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