Challenge #01785-D323: The Worst of the Worst

aliens learn about the dangers of human psychopaths and other mentally ill humans -- Anon Guest

[AN: Nonny, the mentally ill are way more likely to be victims of the psychopaths. See: mental hospitals vs the GOP]

Humans are apex predators. Most humans are willing to forget this. A rare few... aren't. A rarer few actively pursue that particular role.

Little can be done for them, save for steering them into roles where predation and exploitation are valued, such as war zones on the Edge Territories, or the Deathwolder Border Patrol. The stock market used to be a valid place for psychopathic humans, but such avenues now only exist on the Greater Deregulations, where there is already a glut of psychopaths. -- Excerpt from the Wikipedia Galactica under the heading, Disordered Minds.

Lyse let the machines feed todays Carrot/Stick program into her helmet. Submitted to the pee test to be certain that all her meds were at the correct levels. Health readings green. It was almost blood time. Not meaning that she'd menstruated since the implant was installed, but rather that it was time to shed some blood.

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