Challenge #02449-F259: Weapons of Mass Amusement

it was all fun and games until humans found medieval style energy weapons -- Anon Guest

"So this is like an electric ballista?" had never before been words of impending doom, but these were Humans who were doing the talking. "The spearpoint is a trigger for a giant capacitor, right? Delivering a blast of excess electrons to the target."

"Er. Yes," said Museum Director Gorx, who was starting to believe this tour had been a mistake[1]. "The use of this weapons against enemy forces has been forbidden since the Treaty of the Arminath Pass."

Then the Human said the true words of impending doom. "Ooooh, what does this one do?" They were standing near a frame that was almost like a cranefly without its wings. "I can see a plasma generator, there, and a hinge, and... a magnetic field initiator in the basket arrangement." The Human gasped and grinned. "Please tell me this is a plasma trebuchet!"

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