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Challenge #02981-H058: Just in Case

If you make stuff, or take part in Recreation, someone will ask why you "Bother" - it's old, you can get it quicker and cheap in the shops. "In case of the Zombie Apocalypse!" Usually gets them to either shut up or actually Think. Zombies aside, there are times when old and slow skills come in handy. -- Anon Guest

Progress steps in, and the people who benefit from it see no value in the older way of doing things. Why bother growing linen and the years-long process of making clothes with it when there are chemicals and machines to make something arguably better than linen? Why bother sewing with needle and thread when machines do it so much faster? Why bother making clothes when a machine can print them on demand?

Why bother making bread when you can buy it? Or print it? Why bother keeping a starter alive when you can just buy yeast? Sure, the bread is delicious, but you could get the same effect from much quicker means. Whatever the hobby, there is a machine that does it quicker. Further, some of those machines could produce works that no cogniscent's hand could create. At least, not very easily.

Human Cess spent a lot of time on what might be called obscure arts. Fibrecraft and sourdough was just the beginning. Human Cess also investigated basic chemistry, how to create compounds that could prove useful in a longer process of hazard analysis. How to create elementary satellites. How to make circuits from scratch. How to build anything that could resemble modern society from the ground up.

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Challenge #02951-H028: This is a Knife

The man who sleep with a machete is a fool every night but one -- Anon Guest

Weapons in bed are generally a bad idea. Especially sharp, bladed weapons. Sleep is an activity where the body is moving about without complete conscious control. Many an alleged "tough guy" has fallen victim to the weapon under their pillow. Therefore Human Gar was no fool. Their sleep pod had a holster for ease of access. At camp, the blade was under the bedroll for

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