Challenge #02951-H028: This is a Knife

The man who sleep with a machete is a fool every night but one -- Anon Guest

Weapons in bed are generally a bad idea. Especially sharp, bladed weapons. Sleep is an activity where the body is moving about without complete conscious control. Many an alleged "tough guy" has fallen victim to the weapon under their pillow. Therefore Human Gar was no fool. Their sleep pod had a holster for ease of access. At camp, the blade was under the bedroll for ease of access.

"Any loadable weapon can run out of ammunition," Human Gar was fond of saying, "but a blade never runs out of sharp." In fact, their everyday kit contained a whetstone for that exact purpose. Many an innocent query has had an edge caused by Human Gar maintaining one on their favoured blade. Gar also maintained that a machete had a multitude of versatility to it. Something they frequently proved true on expeditions.

Some laughed at Gar for keeping the blade close at all times. Until the one night when it became a prudent precaution. They had come to survey habitable planets at varying levels, and this one was "only" a Class Three Deathworld. They were doing lots of science, usually from a safe distance. Nevertheless, samples had to be obtained.

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