Tuesday, Day 0, PLNs & possibilities

Two new cases send the total of actives to seven. Dangit. They're from overseas and detected in quarantine, so all is going moderately well. Yay?

I did manage some arts, yesterday, messing around with brush types in ProCreate to create a portrait version of my Tiefling. Because of course I'm going to learn about shading and creating the illusion of life with a guy who's blue.

I am keeping into the habit, which is a good thing. The more I do, the more I learn. And I can always start a new layer for a do-over.

Today's to-do list includes sharing things on Patreon. Yay. So all my Patrons will see the mess that is my current WIP. Whoops. Eh, it might look better from a distance.

In the News:

  • People attending a funeral riot against plague restrictions. Is there no sense of irony?
  • Repugnican congressman dies of the Plague, and he was one of the talking polyps that insisted schools remain open so I don't feel that sorry. My thoughts and prayers to his fellow plague vectors
  • More evidence emerges that Woody Allen was a skeevy SOB
  • A beer garden and a cafe are hotspots for the plague
  • The race is on to vaccinate against the mutant strains
  • More and more victims of the mild version of the plague have after-effects that are beyond alarming. They're calling it Post Covid Syndrome
  • Roswell diary resurfaces, conspiracy theorists go bonkers
  • Experts find clues in Wuhan that will help them piece together how the plague happened
  • Marilyn Manson is also a skeevy SOB
  • Billionaire arsehole Jeff Bezos now owns huge swathes of land
  • Her Majesty's move to hide her wealth is all over the news

Let's go add some things into Patreon.