Monday, Day 0, Around and round we go

We're back up to six active cases. Bleh. Once again a foreign import and in quarantine. The system we have is working.

Today's plns are all about unfuckening the house and getting Miss Chaos pointed in the right direction with the right stuff. Yay. Also aiming for 500 words as per my previous normal.

I'm getting more of my old creative energy back. That's a good thing. Dealing with quarantine has taken a toll. I actually made an art yesterday. Something I've threatened for some time.

I might get on to painting my Tiefling like I've been aiming to do. I don't know. We shall see. Instant first, 500 words next, arting is low on the priority scale right now.

In the news:

  • AI invented to speed along distribution of the vaccine
  • Facebook videos capture Myanmar coup
  • Himalayan glacier burst ruins dam. Maybe we should do something about climate change
  • Rain finally eases the Perth fires, more storms set to mess things up all over Aus
  • Want to prove you've been vaccinated? There's an app for that
  • New York's vaccine hubs are empty, authorities refuse to admit how bad things are
  • Muppet was working to subvert democracy for 77 days and the media has proof
  • Woman gets tattoo and later learns it's her fridge's logo
  • Cruises cleaning up to prevent plague spread
  • Little Woolies re-releasing their organic herb garden collectables. Cue outraged parents getting snippy about mould

Onwards to fiction.