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Now we are all sons of bitches - Kenneth Bainbridge, after testing the first nuclear bomb -- Anon Guest

[AN: I've been made aware of the Shiva quote, but that happened after the detonation in war as far as I recall]

Destruction. Devastation. Brutal elimination of the enemy, their buildings, their society. That has always been the ultimate goal of war. Winning, however, has gone further than razing the enemy castle and salting the ground so that they can no longer prosper. It has escalated beyond melting the ground of the capital and rendering a significant area around it deadly to anyone who dared set foot on it.

Behold. A tiny vial containing a cubic centimetre of an apparently still beige substance. The vial is thin glass and can be concealed inside a pocket or a hand or... just about anywhere. It is worse than deadly, long term. It is the worst weapon ever made. The general looking at it is singularly unimpressed.

"The hell is that?" said General Balana. "You said you had a new WMD. This is a toy." He picked it up and made to pitch it into the disposal, but the egghead in the white coat gently removed it from his hands.

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