Tuesday, Day Zero, Dentistry

I'm seeing the dentist later on this morrow, so I'm certain to be lightly toasted before sunset. Gonna remember to brush my teeth more often, I swear.

Not in my favour that I swear that regularly, and keep breaking that vow through pure absent-mindedness. I have more delightful things to do than smear my mouth with mint.

At least I don't have a lot of plaque...

I finished the smol tale in which I made myself cry. Watch for it on my Patreon.

Muppet's been claiming victory a la "the South Will Rise Again"... with about the same amount of actual success and maybe twice the volume of racism.

A peek at the headlines:

  • Influencer found naked and dead by a roadside with no visible injuries, very suspicious
  • Child spots misworded math question and her response won an Internet Prize [Which is -FYI- going viral]
  • UN calls out record hot temperatures in Western Sydney as clear sign of climate change
  • China claims the plague entered their country via Australian steak in a classic example of gaslighting
  • India now host to "mystery virus" that might be plague 2.0 or might be something new. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, and burning eyes
  • Kid wants Santa to deliver some time off for his dad - a UPS worker
  • Literally mouldy house sells for over a million dollars. Hello, new housing bubble
  • Claims that "Havana Syndrome" was caused by China's new microwave gun
  • They're still predicting massive floods despite the scorcher in progress
  • Jail time for wage theft proposed. This will ruin rich people's yacht money the economy, say experts
  • AusPost in trouble yet again as someone stuck "We're smoking meth" on their news updates
  • US death toll thanks to plague getting even worse over winter. Holiday travel directly to blame

I think that's it for me looking at the news this week.