Monday, Day Zero, PLNs

One of the two cases today was acquired in quarantine. Both are in quarantine, but there's still thirteen cases and acquisition from quarantine is possible.

There's cases coming in from South Australia and into other areas. People are determined to be able to travel for Christmas, but seemingly unwilling to do the things necessary to make SURE they can travel for Christmas.

In the headlines:

  • Conspiracists attempting to prove Covid hospitals are fake end up showing empty wards in non-emergency areas
  • Muppet planning to reveal 2024 campaign on or during Biden's inauguration
  • Flight attendant under investigation for selling herself on flights
  • Brisbane sperm donor breaks the rules of donorship, fathers 23 kids in one year
  • Former Muppet advisor now running Muppet Support Podcast, also slated to receive pardon from Muppet
  • China building combat capable aircraft carrier
  • Man who injected an infant with heroin died of cancer in jail
  • Ohio couple jailed for torturing two pre-teens
  • Steel monolith in Utah attracts gawkers despite parks and wildlife never disclosing where it was
  • Aussies will apparently waste $10BILLION worth of food this year
  • Bitcoin's soaring

I'm plotting to acquire the cheapest prawns I can get at some point in the future. Not today. Today, I am unmuckling the house and writing Terrible Tiefling Tales (tm).