Monday, Day Zero, Doubts

Though someone has had a definite go at the extant "fudge like" I have been told that it's not fudge, it's not nice, it's not great... et cetera.

I'm wondering if I should stop here. It might be smarter.

...but I'm not always smart.

In the "day zero" part of today's blog title, we have two new cases putting the total up to thirteen active cases. Miss Chaos is going to be wearing her mask on the bus for her last week of school.


Going to have a lot of trouble from people travelling to be with family for The Big Holiday. Starting with two people who skated out of quarantine in Melbourne and started another cluster. Yay.

I don't care how "clean" you think you are. Living, diet, whatever. If you flew here from the US, you just came from a high-plague zone and spent twelve hours in a tin can with a whole bunch of people who could have the disease. It's a tin of plague, and you're sharing that pathogen-laden air. So live clean in quarantine and don't think you're special because you're a level umpty-umpth vegan or whatever makes you unique. Diseases don't care how "clean" you think you are either.

Blargh. I ranted long enough. Let's focus on fiction.