Challenge #01609-D148: We're So Much Better Now

There are pieces of Historical Machinery, there are Collections of Musical instruments and some lucky souls get to care for them, keep them running and in the case of stringed instruments take them out and play them so they sound right. -- Anon Guest

They say the Archivaas collect everything and never throw anything away. This is very close to the truth. Most Archivaas know the impossibility of saving a physical version of everything and keep digital plans, instructions, or copies. The more extreme Archivaas still try to keep hard copies. Even those ones agree that the ones on Museum VI have taken things too far.

Museum VI is an Archivaas system dedicated to the instruments of war. From the sling and the spear through knapped stone tools, all the way to "planet killer" explosives, though the most dangerous of these weapons have been disarmed for safety reasons. The Museum system sadly regrets that all the 1950-era nuclear bombs were detonated in a frenzy of testing, and can only supply more modern copies. These, too, lack the crucial payload.

Of course the museum is run by humans. There would be no other reason for it to exist, otherwise.

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