End of the Week Already?

It's Friday! What I have on my schedule is added to by the unfuckening of the house. I have finished editing an episode of Inter-Mission so the next thing to do for the podcast is to record more tales from the weird side.

I'll probably end up doing that during the wee small hours in the morning.

I have 1K to write so I can reach my target goal of 75K this week. If I have the chance for fun times, I'll be working on my self-indulgence and watching Critical Role.

I might even get my rant on about the Tesla episode of Doctor who and the PHENOMINAL AMOUNT of mistakes they made that could have easily researched. I am a complete nerd for Tesla and the associated shenanigans, so I picked them out from a standing start. I'm pretty certain the entire Tesla fandom is up in arms about that one.

I won't get going here. It's gonna take way too long.

Onwards to the stuff you want to see.