Monday, Day One, Once more around again

Today, I am unfuckening the house. Today, I may get as far as transferring all my open tabs to Firefox because it's one of the few browsers that doesn't sell my data to the highest bidder. I already have search engines that actually do some good in the world, so I might as well complete the process.

Now all I need is a cloud drive not run for profit and I'll be set.

I'd be writing all my books in Novlr if there wasn't the Novlr Curse looming over my shoulder. It's a personal thing and once-bitten-twice-cautious nonsense. I might explain it in a Wordpress Wednesday one time in the not-so-distant future. Finding the limits of a curse by trial and failure is not my favourite occupation when family is among the things I can lose on a fail. It's complicated.

Let's glimpse at what the world's doing:

  • Sydney's outbreak now worse than the one this time last year
  • Huge gap between what we need for comfortable retirement and what we actually have may be linked to rising cost of living and stagnant wages
  • Muppet caught on tape demanding a toady to "find" enough votes to overturn Biden
  • Bitcoin's soaring
  • Madelaine McCann's parents still looking for her
  • Sydney law mandating masks causes upsurge of anti-mask protestors 9_9
  • Anti-Gay-Marriage advocate brags about crossing border on Twitter, authorities notified
  • Covid testing facilities swamped
  • Children who catch Covid more likely to get Pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome, or PIMS-TS
  • Sweden now in crisis as citizens suffer for the initial economic boom of ignoring the plague
  • China caught using undersea spy drones to monitor Australia's shipping choke-points

Small wonder I'm keeping the Apocalypse Journal tag on these entries. China's going to cause some big shit, followed by a clusterfuck.

Fingers crossed that it isn't hugely enormous.

Let's write some fiction.