Challenge #02914-G357: Ia Ia Lobby F'thagn

Lobsters do not die of old age and don’t stop growing. They die when they become too big to moult properly. So we’re gonna take a lobster and help it moult over generations, and create a Leviathan god -- Anon Guest

Humans don't take theories at face value. They like to prove things in practice. They like to answer questions with, "We tried it and..." This could be either seen as a flaw or a benefit. It generally comes out as both at once. Take the Immortal Lobster Project. ...please.

The theory that lobsters are technically immortal was one that Humanity accepted for years on Earth. There was no actual way to test that for that length of time. Then someone actually put thought into how to do so. It involved a big tank, a team of scientists dedicated to monitoring such a thing for generations on end, and increasingly elaborate devices to assist in the moulting.

Followed closely by increasingly enormous tanks for the experimental lobster. From desk size to room size to pool size to house size to an entire bay. When it got to the point of submarine stations and underwater machinery, there was significant murmuring to cease the experiment. After all, hadn't they proved the point?

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