Challenge #02915-G358: A Super-effective Tactic

The ship had a room labeled "dedicated deathworlder hobby location". For some time, this was considered to be sufficient. Then, they got a second deathworlder...and after the third time both deathworlders had to report to medical due to crafting tool related injuries stemming from frustration spawned combat with regards to shared airspace causing one project to be ruined by the airborne particulate from another project, well...

Something had to be done. -- Anon Guest

Human hobbies are baffling to most cogniscents in the Alliance. Most of it seems to involve methods of creation that have long since been automated or superceded by advances in technology. Why anyone would -for example- wish to make their own ink from oak galls and then use that to write on ethically-sourced parchment with an equally ethically-sourced goose quill was beyond most of them. And that was just one example of the Human peculiarity that was Hobby.

The crew of the Valiant Deal thought they had solved the issue with Humans and their pastimes by reserving a single, large room for any and all Deathworlder hobby activities. With all the safety and hygiene protocols anyone could desire, because hobbies tended to expand to occupy all possible space[1], including all the necessary tools to do them with. They were very proud of themselves until they acquired two Ships' Humans with incompatible hobbies.

"You got your knitting in my woodwork," was frequently countered with, "You got woodwork in my knitting." The argument was cyclical, involved the word "fallout" and had attempted and then failed to operate on the "you stay on your half" peace protocol.

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