I have yet another theme song

You can bet money that it's from Steam Powered Giraffe, best band in the world.

Check it out:

Now that you have that song stuck in your head, it's my duty to inform you that you can still pre-order the bound-to-be-amazing albumest album to ever album, Quintessential over at http://www.steampoweredgiraffe.com. Coughcoughshamelessplugcoughcough.

My family and I are off to the outer reaches to do a party for Mayhem, today. Which means I have little time to myself at all this weekend.

I'll have to sneak off and see Kubo at another date. What's Kubo? It is, in brief, amazing.

Check this out:

The people at Laika have broken some records on this one. Including world's largest stop-motion puppet. This film needs some love. Stop motion is just as sneered upon as science fiction, and may yet vanish from the field of entertainment. Which would be a great loss.

Yeah, I'm all about sharing the love today. I'm incapable of not sharing a treat.

Share and enjoy.