I took some 5-HTP before beddie byes, last night, and still woke up at around 2AM. At least I got a good start on ep 16 of Inter-Mission.

By "good start" I mean I edited one story and set up for the next one. I need sanity breaks for this nonsense.

My car should be being seen to today, which means I find out -any time between 10AM and tomorrow afternoon- exactly what went wrong and how much it's going to cost. They're disavowing the idea that the cyclical nature of this repair chain could be a thing. They're claiming that the disparate systems could possibly be effecting each other.

If they tell me that a fuel leak caused the damage to the coolant system, I'll want it in writing. Proof. Because they fixed a fuel leak and then this happened.

Trying to keep things together despite some lack of sleep issues. Fun.