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Fun Times Ahoy

Today is Mayhem's Discovery Day. He is spending 9-5 at the offices of his Traineeship place in Upper Tullagawoopwoop. And I'm the taxi.

Which means a pretty drastic re-arrangement of my evening schedule, but I can probably deal.

The pain in my butt right now is the fact that I had anxiety over this day to the point where sleep was (a) almost unattainable, (b) erratic, and (c) interrupted by just about anything.

So I need coffee.

LOTS of coffee.

And my ability to focus may not be the best in the world. Again. Or still. Because shiny shiny elf ideas and torturing characters I love because they're that magnificent an arsehole.

I'm getting a little bit better, though. I haven't slipped and done any more one-shots. I'm focussing on the three longer fictions that I have running. All with a shared continuity.

Because I'm a huge nerd like that, that's why.

And now I have to focus as hard as I can on the things that must be done.

Today is going to be "fun"

Here's what I know:

Capt S. is coming up via train to celebrate KIABIL's birthversary and, to a lesser extent, mine.

Here's what I don't know:

  • Where
  • When
  • How
  • Who's expected to cater
  • Will there be cake?

Because nobody tells me anything.

And I still have to scratch up an Instant for y'all, but my fluffy little brain wants to look at fanart of my favourite asshole elf, Taako. You know, from TV? And continuing on with that fanfic that's possessed me

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Sideways, again!

Did the story before I did my blogging. Derp.

On the plus side, this morning marks the first where I can do something that I haven't done since I began Keto. Yes, folks, I finally dipped my bread in my soup.

Of course, it's Keto-friendly coconut 'bread', and my usual cream of egg drop chicken noodle soup, but it's been so long. I love it.

Art work on shot #6 of SESP is finished, and commenced on shot #7 with barely a

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Officially buggered

So after yesterday's chronicled shenanigans, I had like $15 cash left because new license, which was just enough, including the change I had with, to purchase Friday's knackwurst.

I had to write Friday's 1000 words whilst waiting for Miss Chaos, and almost forgot she had to see the dentist. That subsequent side trip also involved me getting back into my clothes in a goshdurn hurry.

Check-up looked good. All there is to worry about is a minor inflamation around the gums, for

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Crowded Days Ahead

Chaos is seeing her shrink, today. We're all going to a funeral, tomorrow. I have no idea what Wednesday holds, but it's bound to include looking for more Beta-readers for Beauties, and possibly working on Chaos' very first book. I should have the time by then.

I need to figure out a way to make an iced coffee that I can tolerate, because there's no way I can drive as much as I'm driving, this week, without caffeine. One that will (a)

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I'm Sorry For the Mess

Yesterday, as things are wont to do, things went completely do-lally because I've been fretting about MeMum's health.

The good news is that Mum's been tested and found not showing any signs of Senior Dementia. Halleluja. I've also seen signs that Mum's Vaguely-Waving-At-the-Mediterranean-From-Very-Far-Away Diet is actually working for her, so far. MeMum and I are keeping a weather eye on her triglyceride levels, and I know what to do to help IF mum wants said help.

We also both forgot to ask

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Ah, Sideways

Printing the new HUD holder for my car has entered 24 hours of manufacture. And Mayhem decided to take things that weren't his. So we had to go out and make him pay for replacements. As well as his own supply.

I'm not sure this will work, but it might help Mayhem understand that money is a limited resource, and so are the things you can get for it.

So I start my day at nearly eleven AM to try and write

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So let's recap:

  • I forgot to post yesterday's Instant on Tumblr
  • Nobody noticed
  • I spent so much energy fetching the ingredients for the proposed noms that I had zero energy to actually make said noms
  • I had trouble going to sleep last night
  • I had trouble staying asleep last night
  • I woke up tired
  • And the process of making myself make those noms meant that I missed out on most of my morning activity. Including my daily walk and dog-annoying.

I have

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Broken 'flow'

I get used to doing things a certain way. I get up, wee, weigh myself [89.3kilos. The first time I've been below 90 since age 20!], water the garden, rouse the kids, shower, and get on with keeping everyone in line.

Then I do my blog, Instant Story, and any other writing that I want or have to do.

But when things screw that up, it really screws up.

Yesterday, I assumed that I'd done my Instant. Why? Because yesterday was

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Unexpected inconvenience

Today's sideways happenings are the direct result of a pupil-free day in both Chaos and Mayhem's schools. We found out about this via the radio because I never have the time to read the school newsletter.

Mayhem's school was empty of kids. Chaos' school was empty of kids. So long half an hour of our precious time, hello my little darlings having party time all over the house.

At least we got a walk in, this morning.

The local ants have decided

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It doesn't matter which order things are done in, only that they are done. Therefore, it's no surprise that my little darlings have adapted to the 'get up and do it' routine whilst my Beloved still drags their heels.

Mayhem has taken to sorting the laundry as part of his morning routine. Chaos still needs a lot of reminding, but she is getting used to the way things are meant to go.

Beloved... is working late because Melbourne Cup. Their work gets

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::William Tell Music::

The usual sideways continueth.

Both kids have the lurgi. Chaos is getting over it and Mayhem is just starting to battle it. My iWatch is finally ready for collection and I have to go to MeMum's to fix her compy today. Because tomorrow, we're headed out to Eastern Craplackistan to do a party thing.


So my current plan is to head out after 8 so I can get to the nearest Apple store in time for it to open [We're in

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