The nice people with our dishwasher need me to call them. They sent me a message whilst other things were happening and the tiny ping of an incoming text was completely lost in the shuffle.

I have a hair appointment because the dye in my lurid hair has faded to the realms of euw. Apparently, you need to keep re-doing the new ones which are stains and not dyes. IDK from jack about hair dyes.

What happened to Fudge? Those colours were amazing and they stuck around for ages.

I dunno. Commerce confounds me, sometimes.

I also have an air conditioning team coming in... some... time? Maybe this week?

Yeah. I got stuff going on.

At least my plan for pickling in colour involves working on my stuff whilst in transit. Most likely the novel, because that doesn't involve being online.

Sometime after my re-colour, I will call the dishwasher people to find out what is up. I'll also have to have Muggins on watch in case folks come by. Argh.

Sideways is normal, this time of year -_-