Challenge #02167-E338: A Delicate Understanding

"If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

"So, never talk to you?" -- Anon Guest

Princess Kelwynn looked up into the dark face of the Tiefling Warlock responsible for saving her life, and then assisting on the adventure that was their continued escape. "It's simple manners, Ebonn. Surely, there are nice things you can say about anyone. All you have to do is keep your nasty words to yourself."

"Bold of you to assume that simple manners is all that could stop me speaking," said Ebonn. "Manners were never paid to me, I see no reason why I should afford them to anyone else. Including you."

"I've been perfectly polite," she objected.

"You called me 'mister teef' when we first met and assumed I was going to eat your heart."

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