Halfway through the week. Huzzah, I guess.

Because of assorted shenanigans, Chaos gets her tuck shop on Wednesdays now. It's complicated and involves:

  • Tuck shop only being open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • An order-ahead system that completely obliterates the entire 'mercantile practice' thing
  • And also uses my credit card
  • "Healthy" choices that include sugary, flavoured milk 9_9 and processed, sugary juice
  • Also bread. Lots and lots of white, bad-for-you bread.

I might have to make the energy to come and talk about tuck shop options with folks because - dang. Yes, I know kids won't voluntarily choose brown bread because it tastes like cardboard, but... It's order ahead. Shouldn't there be a few more... meal options?

I dunno. I'm not going to be That Parental who campaigns for salad rolls that their kids don't eat. It's all down to what the kids will eat, I guess.

But would it kill them to have breads with seeds in? Kids eat those, I know for a fact. Back when we were on bread, Chaos was always absconding with my pumpkin-seed loafs. Maybe get the kids to weigh in about what healthy choices they'd like to see in there. Now I bet that's something not done in any given school.

Anyways. Time ebbeth away, and Mayhem hasn't shown his scruffy head. I have to remain calm and not be bothered until after Chaos is away.