Monday, Day 0, AUGH!

Plague news: one new case, a local. Sixteen total active cases and fourteen of those are in hospital.

My alarm didn't go off again, despite my best efforts to fix that. I'm going to have to get a different clock app if I want to wake up regularly.

As a result, today is sideways.

I'll get on top of it.

Meanwhile, household cyclone Beloved has seized all of my favourite smalls and laundered them all at once. They're still too damp to wear and somehow two particular ones have gone ackers. I found one hiding in the soak bucket, but that doesn't answer where the other two went.

Sorting out the house will find them eventually. Meanwhile, I need spares. Beloved has volunteered to sponsor that.

We learn from our mistakes.

In the news:

  • NSW continues to battle the plague
  • Victoria thinking about freeing restrictions
  • Sarah Harding dead at 39
  • Australia once again slammed for keeping the plague out of the country
  • More Pfizer for all of us! Yay
  • More unpersons of wealth happening in China

And now... fiction.