Challenge #03146-H237: Do Not Eat Your Heart Out


That is the only way to rebel against the cruel world!

My soldiers, rage!

My soldiers, scream!


Horseshit, thought Kosh, listening to this maniac leading the band of irregulars. He had only joined them because he and they were traveling in the same direction. Safety in numbers, and he was especially fragile following his great shame. Poisoned while under the care of the Master. It may have been better if he'd died.

His heart was the only reason he kept living. Without emotions, he would not still live. He kept going out of spite. Out of sworn love for his unmet bride, the poor creature. Out of bloody-minded determination to prove the entire world wrong regarding every single thing they said about Tieflings like him. If he had no heart, then he had no mercy, no compassion, no sense of justice.

He was not a heartless Tiefling, but he was not a cowardly one either. His goal was to stay alive long enough to get back to his home. Home. Ha. As if he could call anywhere home.

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