Sideways again? No problem.

I got derailed by doing two Years-in-Review over at Tumblr. First, showing all the highlights I'd found and reblogged, then showing off all the things I'm proud of.

Who knows? I might inspire other people to call out their faves this way. You gotta spread the love.

In other news, today's Instant may well be the weirdest one I've written to date. Buddy Cop/Soldier piece involving personified white blood cells. It was fun. After I went on a wiki walk to find out what the prompter was talking about.

Today's PLNs involve a journey to get some cardboard boxes. Packing up donations and excess technoscrattle that is headed towards my Friendo in Tullagawoopwoop. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

I shall also be seeing about my hair, since the purple is fading in odd ways. I suspect my weirdo skin chemistry, since I also take the shiny off of electroplated anything. Might have to find a different brand of hair colouring.

Story right after this. Yay!